Sunday, August 31, 2008

Innovation is the Key to Success!

We have a pear tree in our backyard. Last year, it didn't produce any fruit--the result of an extremely dry spring, and no pollination of the flowers. This year, the tree is absolutely LADEN with fruit. They fall on the ground daily, leaving our yard with a sweet pear-ish scent. Waldo and Gus have enjoyed this aspect of the summer. Each day, they come in from the yard smelling like pears, having enjoyed their fill and rolling around in the juices on the ground. For a long time, I thought Waldo was eating the fruit that fell from the tree, because try as I may, the fruit falls faster than I can get out there to pick it up. Plus, its natural, so its not doing them any harm.

So, today the dogs were outside for a while, and I look out the window and see this strange sight:

Waldo, crouching at the base of the pear tree, Gus bumping him, watching intently. Waldo is very intent on whatever he is looking at--his gaze doesn't move for several seconds. Then, surprisingly, and hilariously, I see this:

Waldo leaps into the air, and snatches at the fruit on the tree--trying again and again until he grabs one! Here, all this time, I thought Waldo was taking the easy way out--grabbing the fruit that had ripened and fallen to the ground--but NO. Waldo took his time, spied the fruit that looked the best, and snatched it the only way he knew how. I mean, with no opposable thumbs, what are you supposed to do?

Not only was this scene hilarious and fascinating to watch, but Waldo's actions after he had collected the treat were even more interesting. He took the fruit and put it on the ground for Gus, then he went back to the tree and picked another one for himself! Then they both lay on the ground together, eating pears and letting the juice fall over their jowls:

Now, if that's not a summer story of two brothers, I don't know what is!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Blog Address

Everyone's moved to Blogger, I guess.

I'm trying to figure out how to import my Xanga blog. I don't want 5 years of blogging to disappear. Here's a link in the meantime:

This is a really junk first blog. They'll get better, I promise.