Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nick Takes Good Pics

I love these 2 pics that Nick took of the boys recently, and I thought I would share.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

American Dog-le Outfitters

I've always laughed at the line in Friends, when they're playing the challenge game for the apartment. Ross asks the boys, "What is Monica's biggest pet peeve?" And Chandler answers, "Animals dressed as humans."

Boy, Monica would HATE me. :) I love seeing my boys dressed up! The problem is, its hard to find clothes for 70+ lb. dogs! My friends and I went to the Gap Clearance Store a couple of weeks ago, and all their dog clothes were on sale for 99 CENTS!! Aak! I picked up a puffy vest for Waldo, and yellow raincoats for both of them. They were too funny as they sported them in the backyard!

The first time Waldo wore his puffy coat, he didn't like it so much--he kept bouncing around the yard, trying to bite the collar and spinning in circles. But when we lost power, I put it on him again, and he loved it. Fell asleep in it! I think its because it adds extra cushion, so its more comfy when he lays down.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurricane Ike and the Boys

Last weekend, the remnants of Hurricane Ike literally blew into town, wreaking havoc on our normally quiet city. 70+ MPH winds blew over trees and light posts, causing over 225,000 households to lose power--some for a couple of minutes, others, like us, for many days. There are few who are still without power, 8 days later.

I have lived in Dayton my entire life, and I have never seen anything like what we experienced last Sunday. A few of my college friends were in town, and we were walking the streets of Oakwood, and at one point, we were literally almost blown off the sidewalk. I felt (and continue to feel) for the residents of Texas who had it so much worse than we did (wind+rain).

The boys definitely appreciated the weather, if only for its beneficial windfall:
PEARS!! We lost a couple of smaller branches from our pear tree in the back, and HUNDREDS of pears fell into our yard. The boys had a field day, running around, eating as many pears as they could get their teeth into.

This did lead to a slight problem: big, pear-filled poops spread out over our whole yard. Eventually Nick and I realized we weren't going to be able to let them be, because our little poopy boys weren't going to get any nutrition--the pears were running straight through them! All-in-all, we ended up filling our 40 GALLON trash can with pears. I think the boys were disappointed they were losing their sweet treats, but it was that or pick up 40 gallons of poop over the next month. Um, no thank you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

How My Dogs Are Just Like Kids (part one)

I mentioned in my last post how I feel like dogs are just like kids. I figured I needed some more explanation about that. So, here we go. Part One of an undetermined-length series entitled, "How My Dogs Are Just Like Kids".

1. If you don't take them out for exercise, they might just drive you crazy.

This is something I knew about early, because of the Dog Whisperer. But I didn't really start putting it into practice until I had both boys. See, if Gus bugged me for a little while, I'd go outside and play with him for a little while, putting my life on hold. But, now that I have two, I'm a little busier with other things (like finding a job). And so for a little while, I let the daily walk become a weekly trip to the dog park. But they were driving me more and more NUTS when at home!! Literally running around my legs while I'm in the kitchen, zooming around and around the dining room table, bumping into my work and spilling stuff everywhere. I love them, but this was too much for me. So, I've started taking them to the park every day. The rest of the day is a breeze!! They are mellowed out, because they party hard while at the park! Plus, I get some exercise in the process.

2. Boys are only happy if they are smelly, wet and dirty.

No matter how many times you tell them to stay out of the mud or water, they go in anyway. Especially after they've just taken a bath. This is their FAVORITE time to go jumping into a mud puddle, or rolling in goose poop in the backyard (okay, maybe little human boys don't do that). As a mom, you're happy that they're so happy. But you're also frustrated, because the bath itself is enough of a process!

3. You'd better raise your first one right.

Because when your second one comes along, (s)he'll copy everything the first one does, whether you approve or not. (S)he'll watch and observe your other one, gauge your reaction to what they do, and then act accordingly. If you raised your first one with all the strict rules you could think of, then as they got older you relaxed about them (because they could handle the freedom), your second one will take advantage and act like a fool. Because they didn't get the strict rules--they just get the relaxed parent. Hopefully this lesson doesn't end up biting you in the butt (literally).

4. Get your kids out in nature.

They'll learn to appreciate it and respect it only if they understand it. There's no better moment as a mom than when you see one of your kids getting wide-eyed wonder out of something in nature (see the pear story). Plus, if they're outside, they're probably MOVING AROUND. If your kid turns out to be a fat, spoiled, crazy beast, ask yourself if you've taken him outside recently--or if they've spent most of their childhood learning how to sit in front of the TV.

5. When you raise your kids right, they live happier lives.

When I see my boys playing together, I know that I'm doing a good job raising them. They play well together, they help each other out, they don't go anywhere without the other close beside. Basically, they're best friends.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things you learn the second time around...

Having two dogs is SO much like having two kids. Yeah, yeah, I know the responsibility is a lot less, and other stuff. But, there are so many ways in which they are similar. (I might start highlighting some of those ways in some future posts.) I've done the dog comparison several times before. After all--for my cousin's bridal shower a couple of years ago, I compared having a husband to owning a new dog!

Anyways. Often, you indulge your first "child". You pay extra close attention to their whines, you baby them, you concentrate on them every second of the day, because you want to make sure they get taken care of. By the time your second "child" comes along, you've learned a few lessons. The second one rarely gets the same face time that the first one did. Sometimes, though, it ends up being a good thing.

For example...

...if you allow your first "child" to sit on your lap for long periods of time, snuggling and cuddling, its fine for a time. In fact, its downright sweet. They're so cuddly and warm, and so precious. You don't want them to think you don't love them ultimately, so you hold them as close as you can, because you know they won't be small forever.

Which is the problem. Because when they get to be 70 POUNDS, they still think sitting on your lap is okay.And it most certainly IS NOT. Sorry, Waldo. You're not getting to sit on my lap when you're a puppy like Gus did. Yes, I'm sure it's not fair, because "your brother got to". But when you're 150 POUNDS, I'm pretty sure you'd crush my kneecaps.

Just go ahead and think I'm a bad, unfair mom. That's just fine with me.