Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurricane Ike and the Boys

Last weekend, the remnants of Hurricane Ike literally blew into town, wreaking havoc on our normally quiet city. 70+ MPH winds blew over trees and light posts, causing over 225,000 households to lose power--some for a couple of minutes, others, like us, for many days. There are few who are still without power, 8 days later.

I have lived in Dayton my entire life, and I have never seen anything like what we experienced last Sunday. A few of my college friends were in town, and we were walking the streets of Oakwood, and at one point, we were literally almost blown off the sidewalk. I felt (and continue to feel) for the residents of Texas who had it so much worse than we did (wind+rain).

The boys definitely appreciated the weather, if only for its beneficial windfall:
PEARS!! We lost a couple of smaller branches from our pear tree in the back, and HUNDREDS of pears fell into our yard. The boys had a field day, running around, eating as many pears as they could get their teeth into.

This did lead to a slight problem: big, pear-filled poops spread out over our whole yard. Eventually Nick and I realized we weren't going to be able to let them be, because our little poopy boys weren't going to get any nutrition--the pears were running straight through them! All-in-all, we ended up filling our 40 GALLON trash can with pears. I think the boys were disappointed they were losing their sweet treats, but it was that or pick up 40 gallons of poop over the next month. Um, no thank you.


Jen said...

wow, I wish I could have seen the craziness. That happened last fall in my neighborhood, and the police told us we couldn't leave. People's garages were blown into the highway! glad you guys have power back.

Shari said...

I'm glad power is back, I can't imagine not having it for that long. Welcome back to the computer world! Your boys are adorable!!!

Abz-Chelsea said...

Wiw glad you all ok... could you make pear pies, jam, pickled pears? My aunt had a Weimarner that would run a mile for a pear, loved em.. but I agree Id rather pick up the pear than the poop.

Saint Lover said...

We lost power in New Albany too! It was quite a weird feeling having to drive and actually LOOK for food. I was glad when it came back on.

We are only about 45 minutes from you! :)