Monday, November 10, 2008

Walks, Allergies, and Football, oh my!

So, I tried to do the walk with the boys on Saturday. Either the people left early, or there wasn't anyone that showed up, because we arrived at 9:02 and saw no one. Rrgh. We ended up walking a mile or so down the trail, then turned back and went to the dog park instead. Guess we'll have to make sure we leave extra early for the December walk. I was a little sad (the dog park had a couple of pesky and growl-y dogs on Sat.), but we'll be okay, I guess.

Both Gus and Waldo are following in their momma's footsteps with the allergies. Gus has several hotspots on the back of his neck, and Waldo's coat is dull and his skin has some flaking/rashiness. The vet gave them some Cephalexin (doggie strength) and some antihistamines that make them both drowsy. It's kind of funny watching Waldo stumble around when he's groggy. :)

I thought this picture was funny. A couple of weeks ago, we were playing "fetch" in the backyard. My favorite is to throw it high in the air for Waldo to catch it. I managed to throw a good enough throw with my left hand to be able to take an airborne picture of Waldo, my tight end. :) Gus, of course, is my wide receiver and waiting for the long ball.

p.s. Nick and I watched Wall-E tonight (sooo cute). We think Waldo makes Wall-E noises. :)


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Poor woooo!

My mom and I would have walked with woo!!

Hope the druggie stuffs help!!!


Saint Lover said...

which dog park do you go to?

Mango said...

That is one cool move. You look like you could fly!


Thor said...

Hi Gus!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I am happy that Khyra put you in my way. ;)
It's spring in Brasil and now the weather is sunny and warm. I love the sun!
Yes, you look a lot like me.:)
I hope we can be pals!

Love and licks

Ashley said...

I knew you'd love Wall E! He's so cute!