Friday, December 12, 2008

Waldo = Bad Dog

I've always called Waldo my "foodie". If I had known how much of one he was going to be, we would have changed his name to Alton Brown, or Rachael Ray. He LOVES food. If you're eating, he's sitting right next to you, sniffing away. We will send him to his bed, and slowly but surely, like ninja cat he will sneak back to you, sniffing away again. I always have to keep a close eye on him, because he will eat anything that smells good...including string, tissues, and sticks from the backyard. He hasn't been as bad as Gus was with chewing up good things (like my SHOES), but maybe that's because the things put in his mouth usually disappear within 5 seconds.

I cleaned out the refrigerator last night. (can you see where this story's going?) We had some Thanksgiving leftovers that we weren't going to get to, some takeout, some past dinners. My hubs is notorious for not eating leftovers, so unless I get to them, we usually end up having a "mass cleanout" once a week around trash day. Last night was that time. I didn't take the trash out like normal, though, so the can was full of food when we all went to bed.

This morning, the trash can was toppled over in the kitchen, with all non-edible trash items strewn about the kitchen, most of them with wet spots from where a naughty puppy had licked off all remnants of leftovers that might have been stuck to them. Immediately, ANGER popped up. He knows he's not allowed in the trashcan! Then FEAR crept in. What had I thrown away? Is any of it bad for dogs? My mind filed quickly through what I had thrown away...3 ham slices, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, 1/4 steak from Outback, 1/2 cup of spaghetti noodles, about 6 deviled eggs, turkey gravy, tomatoes and onions from tacos, a piece of apple pie, a serving of cherry turnover. And as I looked over the pile of trash, I realized that every last bit of it was gone. That's when I started laughing (on the inside). He had the best feast he's ever going to have!

I would have gotten a picture, but I didn't want to encourage Waldo to think that this kind of behavior was going to get any attention. Plus, his breath really smelled bad. All those onions, you know.

p.s. I just read on the ASPCA website that onions are bad for dogs. There weren't THAT many in there, and there were several on the ground, so hopefully the small amount won't hurt him.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Me thinks he needs some breathmints -

Perhaps woo should grow some fresh mint fur future reference -

Oh my - the mess woo may ENDkhounter later -

Good lukhk!


Anonymous said...

Sounds just like Chelsea...doesnt matter how well fed she is or if shes just eaten, she can smell a rubbish bin a mile away...grrr least you can still laugh at Waldos antics

Pamela said...

You sound like a Momma in this post! I love it! Go Waldo!

Ashley said...

uuuummm!! Wallllldddooooo! You're in truuuuuuble!!! :)
I can totally see him doing that though! Hilarious! :)

Amber said...

Waldo, you naughty boy! I have never been brave enough to do that but maybe one day! I bet you enjoyed yourself! Just be careful with those onions silly boy! When I was a puppy, I just chewed on the green parts of the onion in my Mom's garden and got really red, irritated eyes. So, Mom pulled all the onions out and now she has a fence for her garden. :) Luckily, I didn't ingest them! I think some dogs are more sensitive than others to those things but better safe than sorry! ;) Be a good boy! :)


Maggie and Mitch said...

We can only hope that Waldo doesn't have a tummy ache or the runs from all of that good eatin'!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

I understand Waldo. I am a counter cruiser, trash can raider myself. As well behaved as I am, Mom can't get me to stop that!! But she never leaves anything out anymore! Dang.
Mom is just catching up since the ordeal started(for the 2nd time you said-bad 1st vet!) We are glad Waldo is starting to improve. That really is a very bad case-whew.
Thank dog you found another vet!!
Hang in Waldo!!!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hey Waldo, big licks to you, we're proud of you, you could almost pass for a Hound....or are you trying to tell your Mom you'd prefer a BARF diet!?! Anyway, we came by to tell you that we have been given an award and would like to pass it on to you and Gus! We wanted to follow you but you don't have a button, but you're in our blog list now so we can be kept up to date with all your shenanigans!!
Slobbers xx

Pee-ess, I wouldn't worry too much about the onions, especially if they were cooked, we eat them sometimes!

Gina said...

Funny story. My s-i-l's poodle used to hang around her feet while she cooked, gobbling up anything that fell before s-i-l could get to it. One day, s-i-l dropped a habanero (sp?) pepper. Coco snatched it up, gulped it down - then spent ten minutes slurping water. After that, she was a little more careful what she ate.

Mango said...

So I guess he has his appetite back now, huh? He's going to expect his feast every trash day now! Our trash is all hidden in a drawer lest we get ideas.


The Zoo Crew said...

Uh oh.......sounds just like Kai! We've always had to lock up the trashcan in the bathroom when we leave! He will kick it over and then enjoy all that the trash has to offer! Silly danes.......

Mindy Lu said...

BARK!! Hoomans dont get it. Isnt that tall can in the smelly room our second food bowl? Mommy was worried when I ate all her rum cakes. I did feel a little funny afterward. BARK! Sasha the Princess