Friday, February 27, 2009

Qwiet Weekend

Mommee iz gowing away fur da weekend, so we may not get to visit yur bloggies until Monday. Dis makes us furry sad, because we wuv to reed abowt yur adventurs! But we iz esited fur mommee to come back--she iz gowing to visit STELLA!! We iz esited to see piktures uv hur. She iz problee soo big!

See woo on Monday!

Video Viernes!

I made a video of Gus when he was a puppy, and I decided to watch it again. Little did I know how the boys would react to it!

Also, thanks to Tweedles for the Honest Scrap award. You can find my responses through this link. Thanks, Tweedles! We love being your friend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

December 8, 2008 (and not the worst picture of him--this is after 2 weeks of healing):

February 24, 2009:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please To Feed Us Now?

Feeding Gus and Waldo is a Pavlovian experiment. As soon as you pick up his bowl, Waldo starts drooling. I was able to snap some pictures last night. Love the bubble out of the side of his mouth (click on the pic to bigify)!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

So Proud

Since the events of Mango Minster 2009, my boys have been so proud of themselves. So, when we got the award certificates from Mango in the mail, they insisted that I put up their achievements on the refrigerator for all to see:

If you are one of the few who didn't follow Mango Minster, you can follow this link to the wrap-up page. For my boys, check out the Sporting, Working, and Best In Show categories.

Way to go, boys! Mommee loves you!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Mommee haz a Mazda 6. She reely likes her car, but we don't. Well, we do like da car. Da car takes us placez and we like going placez. But da car haz nooo room!!! We iz all sqwushed in da back seet like dis:

Dere izn't even enuf room fur us to turn arownd, and certainly no laying down!! Well, on Wednesday, mommee and daddee went away togethur, and when dey came back, dey had wat mommee iz calling da Doggehmobeel!

We don't reely know what dis meens, but we iz happee wen mommee and daddee show us all da room!!!

We can both lay down in da back and have lotz of room! We iz so excited fur arr next trip to da doggeh park now!

On another happee note, mommeh weighed Waldo today. Last month, when we found out he still had mange, he was at a measly 85 pounds--down 4 pounds, and not helfy fur a big doggeh like Waldo! Mommee was sooo worried dat da mange was doing bad things to Waldo. But now, Waldo iz 33 1/2 inches tall at the withers, and weighs 98 pounds!! And all of hiz hair (excepting for 2 verrry small spots) is grown back, and he looks helfy again!! He's right in da middle fur healthy weight for a 10 month dane. Woo hoo, Waldo!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Farewell, Spencer

Our friend Spencer crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday. His goodbye post will make your mommee's eyes leak. Spencer was a shining example of the kind of dog a Golden Retriever is. Please go visit his blog and let them know you're thinking of him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happee News!!

Wee iz soo excited to announce dat we have a noo COUSIN!! Introducing.....11-week old STELLA the Mastiff!

All together now....aaaaaaawwwwwww!

Mommee iz trying to get hur seester to make a bloggie for Stella, so we will let woo know how dat goez. Until then, woo can welcome her wif messages here!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tank Woo!!

Mommee say dis iz cupcake. DIS IZ NOT CUPCAKE! She iz sooo tricksy.

Even tho mommee iz a tricksy one, I iz verree happee to be da rep-ree-sen-tive fur da Working Groop in Mango-Minster. It haz been a lot of funn. Gud luckiez to all ov da con-tess-tents in Best In Show!

6:43: Edited to Add: Oh My Dog!!! I won! I iz speechless!! Tank woo, tank woo, tank woo! Time to do a happee dance!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We wuv all ov arr bloggy friends! We hope woo have a veree happee V-day!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Vote for Me!

Hey everybodee! While you're out and about on the Interwebs today, if you would be so kind as to vote for WALDO in the Working Category of Mango-Minster! There are lots of awwwsum doggehs, and we would love to represent in the working category! Just click here to go to Mango's site, and comment for Waldo!!

Thank yoo furry muchly!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So yesterday, I was busy all morning getting things ready to make cupcakes. I like to make cupcakes that have fun designs on them, and I was making them for our house church last night.

I baked the cupcakes, and had them on a cooling rack on the stove in the kitchen. While the cupcakes were cooling, I went upstairs to take a shower, and when I got out, there was a horrible burning smell--like electronics burning. I quickly went to the TV, but there was nothing there. I followed the smell to the kitchen, where I found this:

Waldo had taken it upon himself to get on the counter and help himself to the cupcakes--but he turned the burner on high in the process! When I got down there, the plastic foot was molded to the burner. THANK doG that nothing more serious happened. Our stove tends to be a place where things collect, and much more flammable objects tend to find there way onto it.

He ate 19 cupcakes in all. BAD DOG, WALDO.

edited to add: Gus was a good dog, laying right outside my bathroom door the whole time. Poor guy didn't get a bite.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Gus was sooo excited to win Reader's Choice AND 1st Runner-Up in the Sporting Category, that he wanted to pass on this note:

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 9, 2009

Da Boyz Meet Da Baybee

This is our friend Jonas. Usually when we have babies at our house the boys are locked in the back room. Waldo would probably be okay, but Gus just gets too hyper, and can sometimes scare the guests (well, Waldo's size alone also scares the guests). But on Saturday night, we had over some dog-friendly friends, and we decided to leave the boys out with us.

Waldo was very intrigued by this very small person. He kept smelling Jonas. Thankfully, Jonas seemed very intrigued, as well. After the initial wide-eyed look, Jonas put his hands on Waldo's nose, and gave a pat and a grin.

Gus, however, was a different story. Gus was wiggly, as usual. But by this time, Jonas was an old pro with the dog. So Jonas went to give Gus a "kiss". Well, kissing for 6 month olds is open-mouthed--and kissing for 2 year old doggehs is all tongue!! You can guess what happened about 2 milliseconds after this picture was taken! We all got a big laugh at Jonas' reaction! Thankfully his mom was semi-okay with it. Hey--dog spit is more sanitary than humans'!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vote for Me!

Hey everybodee! While you're out and about on the Interwebs today, if you would be so kind as to vote for GUS in the Sporting Category of Mango-Minster! There are lots of very prettee doggehs, and we would love to represent in the sporting category! Just click here to go to Mango's site, and comment for Gus!!

Thank yoo furry muchly!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Honestee Is Da Best Policee

Arr friend Dozer haz told us dat we shud get dis award. And he sayz dat da most honest one shud write it. Waldo iz a big babee and he don't know wat it iz to be on-est. And mommee alwayz sayz dat we getz to yooz da keeboard, but we duzint, so she iz not on-est. So, I, Gus, am writing ten on-est thingz bout myself.

1. I am verree smart. Daddee only haz to show me thingz like, 3 timez and I understandz. Daddee iz a gud traynr.
2. My real mommeez name was Lily and my real daddeez name was Winchester. Dog Mom sayz dat I look like my mommee, but I act like my daddee.
3. I get too excited wen peeple come over to owr howse. My tail is veree strong wen I wagz it, and sometimez I make peeple fall ovr.
4. I reelee like it wen we goze swimming. Mommee sayz I am a fish, but I think she is con-foosed, cuz I am cleerly a doggeh.
5. I reelee don't like da bath. Wich is weerd, cuz ov da swimming thing.
6. Fur my furst 2 yeers, I did not have a licenss. Wen we got Waldo, mommee wuz worreed dat we wud jump ovur da fenss togethur and get in trubble. So now we bof have licensses.
7. I am skared of boxes. Veree skared!!
8. Wen peeple arr in my naybor's yarrds, I bark like crazee. I am happee again wen dey come and pet me.
9. My favorite peeple food (after chikin and beef) is OLIVES. Yummee!!
10. I am veree happee wen mommee getz owt my Ohio State jerzee. It iz my favorite thing to wear.

If woo would like to bee on-est, too, have fun wif dis!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Back to Bein' a Dawg

(The boys were so embarrassed by all the pictures I've been taking lately that they made me put up a "normal" WW today. How fun is that?)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dance With My Father

Nick: Okay, Waldo. You put your left foot IN, then you put your left foot OUT.

Waldo: Mom, which one's my left foot again?

Waldo: Seriously, this is SO DUMB.