Saturday, February 21, 2009


Mommee haz a Mazda 6. She reely likes her car, but we don't. Well, we do like da car. Da car takes us placez and we like going placez. But da car haz nooo room!!! We iz all sqwushed in da back seet like dis:

Dere izn't even enuf room fur us to turn arownd, and certainly no laying down!! Well, on Wednesday, mommee and daddee went away togethur, and when dey came back, dey had wat mommee iz calling da Doggehmobeel!

We don't reely know what dis meens, but we iz happee wen mommee and daddee show us all da room!!!

We can both lay down in da back and have lotz of room! We iz so excited fur arr next trip to da doggeh park now!

On another happee note, mommeh weighed Waldo today. Last month, when we found out he still had mange, he was at a measly 85 pounds--down 4 pounds, and not helfy fur a big doggeh like Waldo! Mommee was sooo worried dat da mange was doing bad things to Waldo. But now, Waldo iz 33 1/2 inches tall at the withers, and weighs 98 pounds!! And all of hiz hair (excepting for 2 verrry small spots) is grown back, and he looks helfy again!! He's right in da middle fur healthy weight for a 10 month dane. Woo hoo, Waldo!


with love, Madison said...

That is so great that Waldo is beefing up and getting all his fur back! He looks great in the new photos. We had the same issue with the car, when we had a revelation that we had gotten a PONY not a dog, lol ... the Ford Explorer is wonderful, though ... lots of room in the back!

Murphy Dogg said...

Waldo is gonna be a big burly dude! So the new big burly vehicle is perfect for him!
Murphy Dogg

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Khongrats on your new ride!

AND Waldo's improvements!

I think the Doggehbobeel needs a stikhker fur BIS MANGO Minster 2009!

Judge Khyra

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new wheels! I'm so glad Waldo is gaining weight - three cheers for the "Cupcake Diet."

See ya!

Stella said...

Yippee for the new Mobile and for Waldo's return to good health. And for Gus being the good and kind brother he is!


HawaiianDane said...

Excellent news that Waldo's hair is getting better - and the weight too!!

You know when the dogs rule the roost when you go out and get a bigger car! We did it too!!

Abby said...

Hi, Gus & Waldo...

Wow...What a great car...You guys can go everywhere with your Mom & Dad now...

Waldo is looking really handsome...
It must be all the great care that your Mom & Dad give him...

Gus: You're kind of handsome, too... :0)

Abby xxxooo

AppleDebbie said...

Oh Boy! What a grrreat Gus and Waldo wagon! Waldo's pretty fur kinda matches the interior of the Waldo Wagon and Gus looks totally regal sitting in the back. Nice ride guys! Now tell your mom and dad to take you somewhere this weekend! Lol!

Your Pal,

Amber and Nala said...

YEA!!! We are so happy Waldo has put on some pounds! He certainly is looking healthy!

And what a cool car with lots of dog room. My Mom has a tiny Toyota Corolla and when Gracie was in the car with me it was quite a disaster. She wouldn't stop moving around so I had to growl and let her know to simmer down and relax. ;) We soon learned how to live together in the cramped backseat but to have all that room like you have now looks grrrreat!

Nala & Amber

Mason Dixie said...

So great that you now fit in the dog ride. You looked a little cramped before. =)

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Our Mommy bought us a car too. We used to have a Mazda Prelude, and we didn't fit either.

We are glad Waldo is doing better, he's such a handsome boy.

Tucker and Daisy

Pamela said...

what!! so great ... love the new wheels. I'm wondering though ... didn't you say that you're a car person?!

Brandon, Ashley, and baby Stella said...

Yey for Waldo's return to need to feed him cupcakes more often!
We're looking at getting a new car. Mommy's car is okay for right now, but when I get to be a big girl, I won't fit!! Daddy's car is too bumpy and loud and I don't like to ride in it!

Asta said...

I'm so happy Waldo is getting back to nowmal weight..he looks gweat!!!
What lucky doggies you awe..I wouldn't mind youw small caw..I don't have any, but I bet you'll have a gweat time in the new doggiemobile!
Smoochie kisses

Lorenza said...

Congratulations on your new Doggiemobil!
It is pawesome!
Glad to know Waldo is doing so well!
Kisses and hugs

Princess Eva and Brice, the Duke of Destruction said...

Congrats on the DUV (Dog Utility Vehicle) and the weight gain.

Princess Eva

The OP Pack said...

Now there's a whole lot of good news woo are sharing. Nothing like enough room for the two of woo when out and about AND that is just pawesome news about Waldo - whatever the mom and dad are doing, tell 'em to keep at it.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the car.. though we have room, its a 4wd and they hate to have to jump into it...

I cant believe the 100% turn around in Waldo, bloody well done, his coat is looking beautiful... got a shock I did... back soon

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Life is Good! Lot's a room now for the pups in the new mobil!! Happy Days have come! Now stretch out!
And so happy Waldo is doing better and better.

Martha Basset said...

Hi there, thanks for popping over to our blog. We must say you are BIG dogs - we are glad you have a bigger car cos it is important that you get lots of room.
Good news that Waldo has gained weight - most of the dog blogs we visit are talking of diets! We don't like the sound of that at all.
Nice to meet you.
Martha & Bailey xx

Maggie and Mitch said...

This is great news about Waldo! yippeeeeeeeee
What a snazzy new set of wheels that you guys got! We think you need to hit the ice cream stand to celebrate!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango said...

Hee hee! That is how we got the mastiff mobile. Momma just couldn't fit me and my Beautiful Raja in her dinky VW anymore.

Keep eating Waldo!



I love your doggie wagon! Finally..... mom. I knew the mange would be gone soon! You are 2 handsome devils.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi gus and waldo!
wow! what a great dog mobile and great news! waldo is so lucky to have you!
m & e

The Zoo Crew said...

Yay for bigger doggie-mobiles!!!

Ludo van puppy said...

Woo! Your very own car! How pawsome!! When Mum had a car is was a mazda.

Homer said...

We are happy that Waldo is gaining weight and getting his fur back!

This is good news!


PS: Enjoy your dog mobile!

Nibbles Treats said...

Alright! Check out all that room! Congratulations!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Yeah Waldo...way to go buddy! So glad you're helfy again :D
We love your new doggehmobeeel, isn't it funny....our dog-mobile is off the road at the moment and Mum is MX6!! Weird eh? It's silver and we're not allowed in it cos she wants to sell it....and you're right, there's no room for us, nevermind you two giant dudes!
Slobbers xx

caboval said...

Waldo looks great!! I like your doggie mobile! Hugs Joey and Kealani

Anonymous said...

Hey Gus and Waldo guess what that is exaktly why my Mummy getted her big car. We wuz too big to fit in the back seet of her little car! That wuz a loong time ago and Mummy luvs her car a lot but not as much as she luvs me I hope.

Yer pal Dozer

Tobi said...

Awesome! Now the boys have lots more room. With any luck, I'll be upgrading the Houndmobile this year so the girls have a back area like Waldo and Gus!

Thor said...

I am glad to hear Waldo is doing better!
Congrats on your dogmobile!


Simona,Paco e Milo said...

All this place only for you 2!!!
Lucky boys!!!!!
WOOOWOOOWOOO for the new Mobile and for Waldo's return to good health!!!!!
we're very happy for you!!!
lots of love and kisses...
can we come with you on your new mobile for a trip togheter???

Saint Lover said...

Nice Dogmobile!!!!

You look great Waldo! I am so glad your skin has cleared up and you are growing back some hair.

Louisette said...

Re hello from Belgium
Louisette +2 golden