Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're ALL Winners!

Waldo: Haroo, everreebuddy!

Gus: We wanted to take a minit to say sum words abowt all of da enntrees in da Tricks For Treats contest. All of da jidges were furry impressed wif all of da difrent tricks, and it iz too bad dat dere cood only be one winnur. We iz gowing to have da mommee write abowt it so dat it iz eezyr to reed.

Mommee: Thanks, guys. You are right. There were so many fabulous tricks, and we are sad that there could only be one winner, because we think everyone deserves recognition for their hard work and practice! To all of the entrants: make sure you send your snail mail address to us so that we can send you your gifts!

Dozer, well done on a great win. Your bringing in the groceries trick made everyone laugh and smile, and wish that they could do a trick that helpful. p.s. Gus and Waldo do NOT say thank you, as I've been making them practice this trick every day. :)

Honey, you made it a VERY close race! Everyone was very impressed with your salsa dancing, which is not a surprise, since you are the Dancing Queen! We hope to see some of these brilliant moves in your next dance contest!

Fenway, your agility astounds us! You learned how to do the teeter-totter so quickly--Gus and Waldo won't even go near a piece of wood! We are very impressed, and look forward to seeing your entries in those amazing agility contests! You will do great!

Behr Behr, we got so many compliments on your toy clean-up! And even more compliments on your shiny, beautiful coat. Keep working hard at your tricks--we know your mommee likes it when you concentrate on them!

Mango, each judge commented on your relentlessly huge body, and wondering how you achieved such heights of levitation! Keep practicing with the PeeWee--it is working!

Tucker, your trick was simply amazing! You waited so patiently and so still--it was a feat of magnificence, for sure. We hope your mommee rewards you with extra treats for your hard work!

Winnie, that toilet-flushing trick is so cool! Are you learning how to USE the toilet, too? We laughed so hard when we saw your new trick! We can't wait to see what you can do in the future!

Johann, you always have such neat tricks--and things that no one else comes up with! You also have fabulous execution. Your "sit" was so crisp and quick! Waldo is taking notes on your obedience speed as we speak.

Ludo, we loved your story! Poor Penny needs to speak up for herself--she seems to be an easy target! Everyone needs to go and watch the other tricks that you've posted, too. You are one talented puppy!

Mason Dixie, we think you are beautiful without "sitting pretty", but when you sat up like that, Gus started drooling. I think he's in LOOOVE!

Cody, you had so many wonderful tricks, all strung together! Are you learning how to doggie dance like Honey? We think you should--you have some fabulous moves! Combine those with your swimming ability, and you are one Renaissance Man!


Princess Eva and Brice said...

We agree! I know that our momma took notes and has some evil plans for us to learn a few of them.

Princess Eva

Nibbles Treats said...

4 paws up to all the contestants! They were all pretty awesome!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Mason Dixie said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, I am blushing. =) Yes they were all very wonderful videos. So glad I did not have to vote.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I had the trikhks blokhked so my mom khan't see them!

Tank woo again fur such a fun khontest!


Thor said...

Congrats to all the contestants! You did great!


Amber and Nala said...

Congrats to Dozer! Loved that video! Waldo, I ahve a birthday next week too...what day is yours??? I am abit older though...I will be 3! Hope it is super Mom hasn't even planned my big day yet!!

Southbay Girl said...

Hi Gus and Waldo, thanks so much for the barkday wishes! I really appreciate all the wishes! I really am a lucky dog to have so many doggie friends!!

Thanks...and I wish my mom wasn't working so much! I would have entered the competition!!!



AppleDebbie said...

Congratulations to all of the contestants. My mom and I loved watching the videos. I think you're all winners!

Your Pal,

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Gus & Waldo,

Thank YOU for running such a great contest!! I loved watching all the different videos - everyone is so clever! Hsin-Yi was getting very excited because she loves teaching me new tricks and she was getting lots of ideas...guess what, though? Her favourite was Dozer's! Ha! Ha! So I think it was perfect that he won. She has been telling Paul very excitedly that she wants to teach me Dozer's trick but Paul is not keen - he says he doesn't want my drool all over his milk and bread and other groceries! Humph!

Honey the Great Dane

SGR said...

Woof! Just want to say HI! I missed lots of "good" stuffs" on your blog. Congrats to Dozer! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar!

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Hi Gus and Waldo

Thanks for letting me complete in such a great contest. Mommy loved Dozer's video, she laughed and laughed. She will pee-mail you our address soon.


The OP Pack said...

We are hoping Mom didn't peek over our tails to see all those tricks but they really were pawesome!!! And you did a great job with the judging.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Honey said...

Hi you all! Just checking out your site. Super fun, and best wishes, Allison with the 12 races! Hi to Gus and Waldo!
Cheers, Honey
SF Bay Area

Anonymous said...

I thinked all the dawgs in the contest wuz so talented. Bad news fer me that Mummy sawed all the videos cause she is taking notes to teech me sum more tricks! Geeze Mummy I am eight yeers old I am too old to werk so hard fer treets.

Well anyways congradulashuns to all the dawgs in the contests cause you all had wunnerful tricks!!

Yer pal Dozer

Johann The Dog said...

Everyone did such a pawsome job!! It was a fun contest - we love doing tricks whether we win or not, it's the treats that count, BOL!!!

I have to share with Mum that I'm crisp, she will gets a kick out of that :)