Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daylee Reeport

Haroo, Efurrybuddy!

Mommee haz bin soopur bizzee fur da last week, wich iz why we hazint bin keeping up wif bloggies. Furst, wee had a birfday parrtee fur daddee. Den, we went to arr Nana's howse fur anudder parrtee! It wuz soo fun seeing all da peeple. Efurrybuddy sed how gud we doggies wuz, wich wee alreddy noo, of curse. At da parrteez, daddee told us not to go on da porch where da hoomans wuz eeting, and we lissened gud. We stayed where we wuz sposed to stay, even wen da hoomans tempted us wif their foodables. It wuz not furry nice of dem, but we iz strong of will!

Mommee jumped owt of a plane on Monday! We wuz furry happee to see hur wen she came home. See in da pikture how she iz holding sumting in hur hand? Doze arr hur goggles. In hur goggles were da glasses she yoozes to see--but dey floo away! So mommee haz not bin able to see us too gud. We iz yoozing dis opportoonitee to eet food wen she cannot see us. :)

Wee hopez efurrybuddy iz dooing gud! Wee will try to get to yur bloggies dis week.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sadie Sitting

This is Sadie.

She belongs to our good friends, Josh and Tami. They had to go out-of-town this weekend, so we volunteered to watch Sadie for the weekend. Hey--what's one more dog at our house, right?

Well, this used to be no big deal. See, Sadie and Gus used to be the same size:

They would wrestle around, play bitey-face, and have a great old time. Then Gus got bigger:

and the play time kind of came to a screeching halt. Sadie's not so sure about the big dogs. In fact, we watched her about a year ago BW (before waldo), and Sadie spent most of the 2 days cowering in her crate (this picture was taken during that time, and I had to pose Sadie).

So, imagine Josh and Tami' Sadie's upcoming 5-day stay at the Walton Hotel!

Well, turns out their worries were unfounded:

I wouldn't say they are all best friends, but it certainly has been good! She's only spent nights in her crate, and in the morning she comes up and sleeps on the floor with the boys.

Sadie has a great trick that I thought I'd share. She is a singer! Sadie's mom Tami is a music teacher and an operatic-style singer. One year at Christmas, Tami was singing the Hallelujah Chorus in her house, and Sadie started doing this with her. Now she does it all the time! Pretty funny. Maybe she should take it on the road. I can see it now: Sadie the Singing Schnauzer!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Saweet Deal!!

We don't usually post good deals like this, but this one is too good to pass up!!

Two Personalized Dog Collars

2 for $12

Orvis offers this Personalized Dog Collar for $9. Better yet, add two to your cart and the total price falls for $12. With $5.95 for shipping, that's a savings of $37 on two collars and the lowest total price we could find. Sales tax is added where applicable. This collar is 1" wide and can be personalized with up to 20 characters.

I just ordered new collars for Gus and Waldo. A red one with white lettering for Gus, a yellow one with black lettering for Waldo.

OOH! And video viernes!! This is my cousin's cat, Izzie. We are not pestering her, just entering "her space", aka the apartment. She made me laugh, so I had to get a video of her.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happee Birfday, Daddee!!

Arr daddee turnz 30 tooday!! We wuvs arr daddee sooo muchly. He iz a grrreat teechur. He teechiz us mannee triks. He iz allsow a grrreat leedur. Sumtimez we duzint lissen wif mommee, but we allwayz lissenz wif daddee. He iz da BIG BOSS.

We wuv him!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dog Park Hazard

When you have a dog who foams at the mouth when he goes to the dog park, AND when he stands he comes up above your waist, this is what you get:

If you have a dog that drools and comes up above your waist, you stop being bothered about stuff like this.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Guess who came to stay with us for 2 days this week!

It's STELLA! Brandon and Ashley had to come into town for a funeral (sad reason), but they brought Stella with them when they stayed for 2 days! Stella very quickly remembered the boys, and was a lot more playful with them this time.

We got our prize in the mail from Waldo's win in Pruett and Daphne's contest. One of the prizes was a stuffed snake. It is a GREAT tug toy for all 3 dogs! Thanks, guys!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

(click to bigify the street signs)

Furry Skurry

On Saturday, mommee took us to the Furry Skurry, a walk to benefit the local Humane Society. There were so many doggies there! This picture does not do it justice--there are a lot of doggies behind the picture and behind the tents.

We were not able to do the walk because mommee had a 'pointment. But we did go and say hi to the doggies and visit the vendors. We saw some very strange sights at the Skurry:

We also met some other Great Danes like Waldo. One of them was not so nice and tried to lunge after Waldo. But arr mommee iz good, and she stepped in front of the other doggie and stopped him. But she getted a big cut on her leg frum the other doggie. He wuz not so nice.

Other than that, we had a good time. Mommee iz always taking us fun places and we iz happee to be owtside!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birfday Parrtee!!

Hey efurrybuddy! Mommee started to put up pikturez of arr parrtee. But dere wuz so mannee gud wuns dat she deesyded to put togefur a videeo. We hopez woo likes it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gus!

I will add some more pictures of the birthday party tomorrow. I wanted to give Gus the proper due on his day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pawtee Preevyoo

Partee Planning Kummitee

Mommee haz been verree bizzee getting arr parrtee reddee fur tomowwow!

Heer iz da in-vy-tayshuns:

Heer iz 1 of da gift bagz. Dere iz 1 more treet dat iz in da fridge.

Heer arr da prizes fur da gamez:

Mommee iz not shur how manee peeple iz cuming, wich iz mayking hur a bit nurrvus. But it will be a fun time fur us!

Mommee haz bin telling peeple dat we iz having a birfday parrtee, and peeple iz mayking fun of mommee! Dey alwayz say "just wait until you have kids". Dis eeruhtayts mommee. Kidz arr too esspensiv! We iz much bettur.

We can't wayt fur arr parrtee!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Misadventures of Toby

Meet Toby:

Toby is a Yorkie that belongs to my friends Shari and Travis. I have known Shari since she was born. Our moms are best friends. Shari and Travis got married, and Toby was their first "kid". They've had him for 7 years, and he's a great little addition to their family. Lately, Toby's been feeling a little neglected, mostly because of the arrival of these two:

Isn't this picture great? Shari's a fabulous photographer. If you live in the San Diego area, you simply must contact her. She's incredible, and I'm not just saying that because she's my friend. You should check out her website for yourself. These are her 2 year old twins Avalyn and Brinley. They give their mom and dad love and fits, and it's all chronicled on their blog.

But anyway, back to Toby (see? see how easily the babies distract?):

Since Avalyn and Brinley's arrival, Toby has been feeling a little neglected. So, Toby decided on Saturday that he had had enough of little girl world, and decided to trek out into the wide outdoors to seek his own adventures.

Needless to say, this freaked out his family. He's an extremely small dog, who does not wear a collar at home. There was no way to tell where he belonged, unless someone took him to a vet to check his microchip (and a lot of people don't know about doing that).

On Monday, there was still no sign of Toby. A search of the neighborhood, "lost dog" signs, a Craigslist ad, and calls to local shelters had yielded no results. Hope was fading for my friends.

This morning, a response to their Craigslist ad: Toby had been found! As it turns out, Toby had quite an adventure for himself:

After getting out and wandering the neighborhood for a while, Toby was picked up--by an OWL. After a journey in the air, the owl deposited Toby in a park a couple of miles away from home. Toby found a family walking their own dogs in the park and rubbed against their legs to get their attention. He had a puncture wound in his shoulder (probably from the claws), so the family took him home, bathed him, cleaned his wounds and took good care of him. They took him on their family walks in a stroller, since he couldn't walk well on his own, all the while looking for Lost Dog signs (which were not posted in their area, since it was several miles away from Toby's home--and he is such a small dog). They even fed him tri-tip for dinner! Finally, they were going to post their own ad on Craigslist when they saw Shari's ad. This afternoon, Toby was happily reunited with his family, 3 days after going missing!

Now, there have been so many stories of dogs being stolen and abused and injured because of irresponsible people. Isn't it amazing to hear a story where GOOD PEOPLE did a GOOD DEED? Bravo to the family that found Toby. Here's hoping that more stories have happy endings like this one.

Feel free to go to Shari and Travis' site and tell them your congratulations--I'm sure they'd love hearing from fellow dog owners!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gus and Waldo Help Daddee

We iz gud hepperz to daddee. Now onlee if he wood let us owtside to wurk in da durt wif him!

But NOOOOO. We must to stay inside and waach him. Waaching iz no fun!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Neverending Story

Disclaimer: This post isn't about Bastian, Falcor, Artax or Atreyu, or their journey to save the land of Fantastia...
...though that's a great movie from my childhood, and when I watch it now it is WEIRD.

No, this is the story of my neverending battle against HAIRBALLS.

It is a story without a happy ending, I'm afraid, because I'm constantly losing the battle.

I clean up the hairballs, and not an hour later, little tumbleweeds of dead skin cells go twirling across my kitchen floor, or getting caught against the cold-air return vent in the hallway.

It is a heart-wrenching task, sweeping up the hair--knowing that the little buggers will return soon to mock my hard work. What is the definition of insanity? "Repeating the same action over and over, expecting a different result."

I guess I should not expect any less, with 2 dogs and myself in an old house filled with hardwood flooring and tile. I mean, it is just a fact of nature that dogs and humans lose their hair on a daily basis, and new hair regrows in it's space. I should probably appreciate the circle of life that is represented here. Or wonder at God's amazing design that we don't all go bald with all of this hair loss.

But I don't. I complain, and live to sweep another day.