Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!

Yesturday wuz sooo nice owtside, dat mommee tuk us SWIMMING!! We WUV to swim! Mommee tuk sum piktures and some videeo of us fur woo to see.

Waldo iz not so grayssful in da watur. He swimz up and down so he splashiz a lots. Mommee laffs at him a lotz, too:

As woo can see (and heer), Gus iz furry grayssful. He hardlee mayks a sownd in da watur:

In dis piktur, we iz saying, "Mommee! Hurree up and throw da bonez!"
Aaaaah, much bettur.

Monday, June 22, 2009


The crime scene:

The victim:
5-year old female, black and brown hair, brown eyes, approx. 34" in height.
Victim claims accosting by tall woman with brown hair. Victim left stranded in foreign yard, stripped of dignity and significant weight.

The witnesses:
3-year old male, golden red hair, brown eyes, approx. 34" in height
1-year old male, salt-and-pepper hair, black eyes, approx. 42" in height
Witnesses saw female being accosted by a tall, two-legged female. Weapon yellow in color, approx 3" in width, 5" in length. When authorities reached the scene, no weapon could be found. Police believe the perpetrator escaped with the weapon. When police asked witnesses why they did not stop the perpetrator, witnesses claim helplessness due to strategic rump rubbing by the perp. One witness overheard saying "she needed it".

Anyone with any information regarding this case, please comment. Police would like to ascertain the specifics of the case, and demand justice should it be required.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Patrolling the Yard

In our computer room, there is a window that leads to the side yard. Often, our neighbors will sit in their backyard that borders our property, and Gus and Waldo often go and greet them.

It is not a surprise to find Waldo in this position:

After several days of him at his sentry post, I began to wonder why he was so fixated on the neighbors! He would often stand there and whine or bark--an irritating habit I could not understand. Until one day I took a glance outside and saw for myself what was irritating Waldo. Take a look for yourself:

Poor guy! That tree used to be in our backyard, squirrel-free. But my husband moved our fence (the dogs also used to play chase around it, and there was no grass left), and now he is unable to defend his territory from the eeevil invaders!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday/Happy Birthday!

Today is Aunt Ashley's birthday!! Go to Stella's site and wish her mommee a very special day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dogfest 2009

I took Waldo to the West Chester DogFest on Saturday. As mentioned in my previous post, I didn't take Gus because his scars had opened up on Friday, and I didn't want him to get an infection or anything. I was sad to leave him at home! He gave me a look like, "I know you're going to have fun without me."

Waldo enjoyed the 45-minute car ride down. The whole backseat of my Mazda for himself!

This is my first trip to the DogFest, and WOW! Was it ever BIG! The events here in our hometown usually have 10-20 vendors. The DogFest had over 100 vendors! Lots of rescue groups and pet hotels, foodables for the humans, and games for the kids. There were agility runs and frisbee competitions, and a main stage where there were human/dog competitions (but more about that in a minute).

One of our favorite booths was for the local Boston Terrier rescue. Norwood showed us that he participated in this booth at his Dogfest--so did we, Norwood!

There were lots of big friends like Waldo to meet. This was 9-month old Azul, who was the same size as Waldo already. She's going to be a big girl!

Waldo and I participated in the Biggest Dog competition. There were lots of big dogs! From L to R: a Newfoundland (didn't catch the name), a Mango Mastiff named Brewsky, a St. Bernard named Bill (awesome name!), a Great Dane named Shrek, a Greyhound (didn't catch the name), a second St. Bernard (didn't catch the name), an Alaskan Malamute named Knut (he wasn't picture friendly), and Waldo.

Waldo certainly wasn't the biggest dog there, but we had FLAIR. All the other dogs just walked across the stage. We walked to the middle and then did a model-like spin. :) In the end, Waldo got 2nd place! Not too bad! We got a bandanna, a squeaky toy, and a $5 gift certificate to a local pet store. What is fun is that the other Great Dane came in 1st! I said, "It's a great day for Great Danes!" Here's a picture of Shrek and Waldo:

By the end of our 2-hour stay, Waldo was HOT. Every booth we'd go to he'd find the shade and sit or lay down in it. I poured a couple of bottles of water on him, and he drank a whole bottle of water, but he still panted the whole way home! Mommee was a little worried that he had some heat sickness, but after 10 minutes of all the air-conditioners in the car blowing cold air on him, he calmed down. We're glad we went early when it first opened--there were some doggies getting there at 1:00, when it was the hottest part of the day. We felt sorry for those doggies!

When we got home, Waldo was nice and gave the squeaky toy he had won to Gus. Gus loves it! It is a NASCAR Kasey Kahne bone. Nick said, "Does that make it a Kahne-9 toy?" Get it? canine? :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gus Update

Many of woo have been asking about Gus. We figured it was time for an update! He still has scar tissue on his nose and around his mouth, but for the most part they are scabbed over. The hole on the inside of his mouth is completely closed, which is good. He's been on antibiotics to make sure there wasn't any infection, and it hasn't been swollen since the day after the attack.

On Friday, I took both boys to the park next to our house, and he and Waldo were playing with the frisbee and he opened the biggest spot on his lip (far left in the pic) so it started bleeding again. So, on Saturday I took Waldo by himself to the Dogfest. Pics of that to come soon!

Edited to add: I came home to find 3 large piles of Gus puke. :( Poor boy isn't feeling as good as I thought. We'll probably fast him tonight, then reintroduce food with some chicken and rice. Not sure what is causing the puking.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Team Mascot

Mommee plays softball and soccer. Sometimes daddee will bring one of us to the games with him. Last week, he brought me to the softball game. I am like a rockstar wherever I go. People stop, point, stare, exclaim, etc. A few brave souls will come and pet me, and I am extremely grateful for it. I love drinking straight out of the water fountain. When I come to the games, my eyes don't leave mommee, no matter if she's in the field, or if she's running around the bases. I need to make sure she comes back to me at the end of the game. She always does. I love being the team mascot!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Gift, Good Gift...

Mommee and Daddee always say, "good gift, good gift" to each other when they get something grrreat. Well, we have reason to say that now!

First, Pruett and Daphne sent Waldo an AMAZING gift for winning the April Showers/May Flowers Photo Contest! We have tried and tried and tried to tear this thing apart, and it just doesn't work! Stella even tried to help us when she was here for a visit.

So, THANK YOU, Pruett and Daphne!! We LOVED it!

Second, Honey passed on a Paw It Forward gift to us!

Mmmm...wow, Honey, do New Zealand creatures make excellent jerky! We love all of our yummies--and mommee loves the chocolate, too!

We are blessed with furiends. WE WUV WOO!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poor Gus



We were at a park here in Kettering, watching Nick play tennis. Gus went to sniff a dog in a neighboring yard through a picket fence, and the dog chomped down on his nose/top jaw. He has 4 holes in the top of his nose, one on the roof of his mouth, and a big cut on his right lip. :( I had to pry the other dog's mouth open to get him off of Gus, and the noise Gus was making was sooo terrible. I feel like such a bad mom, because I stopped watching them for like, 10 seconds! We went to ask if their dog was up-to-date on vaccinations. They were (thank goodness), but she didn't seem too concerned about the actual biting. She said "sorry", but it wasn't that heartfelt (or at least I didn't feel it was, but I'm a concerned mama). She said her dogs often run up and down the fences, barking. I should have told her that is a dominant/aggressive behavior, but I didn't. All I know is that I hope I never have to hear the sound that Gus was making ever again. It is seared into my memory forever.

Why do my dogs get attacked all the time???

Monday, June 8, 2009

Super Saturday!

Wow--what a fun day we had with mommee on Saturday! Daddee was gone all day with his friends to an "air show", so mommee took us to the Walk For Strays. This is a walk around a local park (the one where we go swimming) to benefit SICSA. We didn't get to go last year because mommee was busy, but we made sure to keep her schedule clear this year. We didn't take a lot of pictures there because mommee's camera was dying, but here we are doing a good sit/stay with the party in the background.

There were lots of fun people to meet. We also met a doggie that was Waldo's twin--but with cropped ears. We stood together for a little bit and lots of people came and took our pictures. Lots of people also talked about how fit and trim we are--especially Gus. People could not believe that he was 3 years old! They said, "He's 3?? But he's not fat!" Silly people. Doggies don't get fat when mommee keeps us active and doesn't go crazy with bad people food! We stay nice and fit. In fact, mommee took us to the pet store afterwards, and Waldo weighs 120 pounds, and Gus is down to 67 pounds (down from 72)! Yea for us!

(Edited to add: We are in a picture from the local paper! Last mommee checked, Gus and mommee were in picture #97--it is a group shot and mommee is wearing the black shirt: http://projects.daytondailynews.com/cache/galleries/Entertainment/Events/060609walkforstrays/)

After the Walk, mommee got a phone call from some of her best friends from college. They were in town just for the day, and they wanted to see mommee. They were at the local outdoor mall (where there's a fun pet store that we get to go inside and visit). Mommee was all sweaty from taking us on the walk, so she didn't go and eat with them, but she did meet them in the center of the mall--and she took us with her! There are these fountains that shoot off at different times, and she thought that maybe we would like them.

Well, Gus kind of liked them. Not at first--he was pretty scared that they kept jumping up out of the ground at him. But soon he figured out that the stuff that was coming out was wet and cool! Waldo never really got in, but he liked the splashes that made their way to his feet. Here's Gus checking out the fountains:

At this fountain, there are always LOTS of little kids running around. In fact, they have a towel station next to the fountains so that people can go in and then dry off. Mommee wasn't sure how we would do with all of the kids. I mean, these aren't just kids, these are screaming, yelling, jumping-up-and-down kids. When mommee walked us close to the fountains, she could hear lots of mommees and daddees talking about how big the dogs were...and some of them sounded a little worried.

But WOW!! Mommee shouldn't have worried at all. We were very kind and calm doggies for all of the kids! In fact, lots of the mommees that sounded worried were soon bringing their kids up to us, saying, "look at the big doggies" and asking to take our pictures with the kids! Sometimes Gus can get a little excited, and spin around and knock people over, but he understood that the little kids were near, and he stayed nice and calm.

At one point, Waldo had 6 pairs of little hands all around him, giving him a nice rubdown! The tall boy in the picture above kept bringing full hands of water to Waldo and rubbing it into his head--he liked that!

The little girl in the blue and purple swimsuit above was in LOVE with Gus. She kept snuggling with him and giving him big bear hugs. She even had some Gus hair stuck on her chin!

Mommee was also very impressed, not just with us, but with the kids. ALL of the kids asked permission before coming to pet us. It says a lot about the mommees and the daddees that they were taking the time to teach their kiddies about proper pet etiquette!

After we were standing outside for a bit, we were getting HOT. Waldo kept looking from mommee to this little stand, and giving her "the eye".

Mommee soon got the hint, and she got us peach snowcones! Yummy, mommee! Way to go!

After we had our snowcones, mommee decided it was probably time to go home. We were sad to leave the kids (and they were sad for us to leave!), but we know that mommee will take us back sometime because we were so good. When we got home, we slept ALL DAY!

Finally, mommee took a video of us in the water and with the kids:

What a great Saturday!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday/Thursday

Sadly, as you can see, Waldo's is too small. :( When I measured him a few weeks ago, it might have fit--but Waldo seems to have gone through a MAJOR growth spurt the last few months. I'm taking him to the store today for weighing. If you know any other dogs named Waldo with the same phone number, let me know--I have a collar they can have!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where We Sleep

A while ago, Honey tagged us for a fun game. In this game, we are supposed to tell everyone where we sleep!

When we were little, we both slept in the dreaded cage. You can see how excited we both were to be in it. When Waldo came, Gus had grown up enough to sleep in his own bed out of the cage. But we don't have a picture of it, because he chewed it up! You can see that when we were puppies, we both used towels in the bottom of our cage until we learned not to pee and not to chew. Mommee also used the blanket to keep us quiet at night--she would put it over our cage so we had our own dog cave! How thoughtful of her. We like our privacy.

(see how Waldo had to have boxes? He took a LONG time to understand the "no peeing in the cage" thing)

Dat cage? It is now in the best place it could possibly be: folded up in the garage!! Wahoo! No more getting locked in!

Now we are allowed to sleep wherever we want. When mommee and daddee are working, we like to be in the same room with them, so we can usually be found like this:

But when it is time for bed, or the "sleepytime" command, this is what we do:

(mommee says please ignore the box of clothes in the room. She has been meaning to take it to Goodwill for many months, but it is so heavy and she is lazy.) :)

Aah! Sleep is great!

If you haven't played this game yet, we invite you to join in! It is a good time!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Noo Furiendz

We have made some noo furiends reesentlee. Dis iz Lola:

She haz 2 seesturz named Stella and Piper. Lola was a little afraid of us at furst, but she warmed up to us cuz we iz furry jentle wif hur.

Dis iz Max:

Max iz a furry happee Golden puppee. He liked tugging on Gus' eerz. Da laydee who owned Max just loved Gus. She finks he iz sooo purtee, and she iz happee dat he iz not fat. :) Heer iz Max wif bof uv us:

Az woo can see, even thow Max iz onlee 5 munths, he iz furry big alreddy. We fink he will be bigger den Gus. (Mommee sez sorree fur da foto qwalitee. Da pikturs arr wif hur kamera fone.)

Finalee, mommee took us fur a 5K run a cuple of weekz ago. A nice man wuz on da course tayking piktures of da doggehs and there mommeez and daddeez. Heer iz one he sent to us:

Izn't we hansum?

P.S. Dog Mom here. We're in a state of Poo Emergency here at the Dog Hotel. Both Gus and Waldo have had very runny poo for the last couple of months. We don't give them a lot of treats (maybe 2 a day--and all-natural treats), and we've had them both on holistic kibble for a while. I was hoping it was because we switched both of them to one food, and they were going through transition, but it hasn't seemed to get any better. (sorry to be graphic, but...) The first couple of stools that come out pretty solid, but by the end it is completely runny. It is not possible for us to put them on raw diets right now. Any other suggestions? I thought I'd ask my other dog moms before I take them into the vet. I feel bad for the boy who picks up the poo in our lawn!