Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Honey's Slobber Contest Entry!

Gus and Waldo's entry:

And an entry for Stella the Mastiff, whose mommee's camera doesn't work so well:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mommee Haz Gud Intenshuns

Reelee. She duz. But see, she getz dis noo ting called a JOB, and so she haz no ekstruh time to write in da bloggie or check in to all of yur bloggies fur us. We iz soopur sorree. But we iz sooo happee fur mommee! She haz been luking fur a JOB sins last April, and so she iz furry happee dat a reeding teechur pawsishun came open fur hur. She startz on da 24th, but dere iz lotz and lotz of meetings befur den. Mommee also iz tayking lotz and lotz of pikturs laytlee, so all of hur free time iz yoozd fur editing stuffs.

We haz had a noo furiend staying wif us dis week! Hiz name is Toby and he iz a sheltie. Duzint he look like Josh and Jessie? It took Toby a few dayz to like us. Mommee finks dat maybe he haz not been arownd uhfur dogz furry much. But we wurked arr charmz on him, and now he WUVS us! He wuvs to chayse us arownd da yarrd, barking at us and herding us into a circle. He iz soo funnee. A gud esample of how Toby likez us more now iz dat da first 3 dayz, we cood not get him owt of hiz cage. Mommee had to put us in da uhfur room and den coerce Toby to come owt wif treets. Now, mommee can't get him back IN da cage wen she needz to go sumplayce!

We will have Toby until Saturday. We will miss him!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Catching Up

Wow. It has been almost a week since mommee has posted for us! We are so sorry we haven't been commenting on your bloggies. We really miss reading your updates, but mommee gets a bit overwhelmed when she sees over 1300 unread entries in her google reader. We've been reading up on you, but mommee hasn't been commenting. We will try to bite her heels to get her on that.

We thought we would show you some of the pictures and videos that we've been remiss in sharing with you. Here's a pic of the 3 of us when Stella was here to visit. You can see that Stella has gotten a lot bigger!

Stella's favorite place to lay:

This picture of all of us playing makes mommee laugh a lot!

Mommee was happy to see that so many of you liked her pictures of us. She has been super busy lately taking pictures of people's human kids--she has 18 photoshoots in the next 2 months--wow! Thanks for all of your compliments. Mommee says that even though she loves taking pictures of human kids, she likes us furbabies the best. If any of woo want your pictures taken, mommee would love to do it!

Mommee has been taking us to many parks while the weather has been so nice (not too hot, not too cold). Here are two of the videos. The first is of us dock diving at a new lake, and the other is of a new park that we found. Honey, can we have the 2nd video be Waldo's entry in the slobber contest?