Monday, September 14, 2009

Post 173

Whew, mommee has been busy. She says thank you for all of the compliments on our pictures! They are from AlleyKat Photography, which is a branch of Allison Laura Photography. Yup--that's mommee's new business! She's been getting her classroom ready, but has also had a lot of business photographing different hoomans and their little'uns. This weekend she's shooting her first wedding!!

But this bloggie is about US! And we'd like to share with you about a SUPER FUN DAY that we had with mommee and daddee last week! Splash Moraine is a local people pool that allows hoomans AND dogs to share the water 2 times a year. Mommee said the water was "nasty" by the end of the night, but we didn't notice 'cuz of all the FUN!

Here's a video that mommee made about our day:

Here's a pic to show that Gus jumped in, too--right by the "No Diving" sign. Can you see the baby Waldo lookalike in the background?
This is our friend Roxy. She liked swimming, just like us!
Family Photo!