Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lost and Found

Wow.  What a day.

Felix's real name is Ripley.  Yes, believe it or not (haha), we were put in contact with his real mommee today!  Amazing thing is, he lives over a mile away from our house!  He certainly had a long journey on Saturday morning.

Mommee and Daddee put up "Found Dog" signs in our neighborhood, while a mile away, Ripley's mommee was putting up "Lost Dog" signs in her neighborhood.  Because our neighborhoods aren't anywhere close, we never crossed paths.  Ripley's mommee was going to go to SICSA today to ask about him (where we had gone first on Saturday), but they are closed on Thursdays.  Then this morning, she got a call from a nice worker from our city.  He had seen both the "lost" and "found" signs, and put two-and-two together.  He called Ripley's mommee with our daddee's phone number!  AMAZING!!

We really liked having Ripley at our house, but we are glad that he found his home.  Waldo is especially glad, since he and Ripley got in a big-time fight yesterday, and Waldo ended up with a canine-tooth-sized hole in his shoulder.  (mommee couldn't break them up in time)  Mommee and Daddee were happy that they had done a "good deed" for Ripley.  His mommee was sooooooper excited to see him, and he bounded into her arms when she came in.

Thanks to all for your pawsome thoughts for Felix/Ripley.  We love happy endings!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Unexpected Guest

We have an unexpected visitor at our house today.  Mommee saw him wandering up and down our street this morning.  He had no collar, and he was very skittish, so mommee went back inside and got one of our leashes and some treats to see if she could round him up.  We live pretty close to a very busy street, and she didn't want him to get run over!

She was able to get a leash on him, and get him into the car, where she promptly took him to SICSA, a local rescue agency.  They don't accept strays there, but mommee put in a notice about him, and also got him scanned for a microchip--which he didn't have.  She also had them check to see if he was neutered, which he wasn't.  This made her a little nervous to take him home, because Waldo is intact.

He was filthy dirty because of all the melting snow here.  Mommee drove him up and down the streets in our neighborhood, to ask if anyone was missing a dog, or recognized him, but no one did.  Mommee took him to lunch with her (drive-thru), and then stopped at the vet that is close to our house to put his name there, and see if anyone recognized him (nope).

So, she brought him back home.  She put the big dogs in the back room so she could clean him off.  He wouldn't go into the tub, so she just cleaned him with a wet towel.  He didn't mind mommee looking inside of his ears (clean), and cleaning between his toes, and checking his teeth (there, and clean).  He was a very nice doggie.  Mommee decided to introduce him to us--which didn't go so great at first.  He growled a lot at us, and he tried to bite Waldo.  Mommee figures he must be an only dog.  Mommee was very proud of herself, though.  She says she went "all ninja and Cesar Millan on him", and flipped him over on his side and put a bite hold on him so that he would know that mommee is the boss!  He's much better with us now.  He still growls sometimes, but mommee gives the "ah ah" noise that she gives with us, and he stops.  (edit: he tried to bite Waldo again tonight, but daddee did the Cesar move on him)

Mommee called the local Humane Society, and put his info there, too (no one had called).  And daddee put an ad on Craigslist about him.  Tomorrow, we are going to put up signs in our neighborhood, and we'll take him for a walk to see if anyone recognizes him.

We're hoping to find his home--otherwise we'll have to take him to the Humane Society.  The people at SICSA all loved him, and said he would be a good candidate for adoption, and for low-cost neutering.  He's super-sweet, though, and mommee is growing attached to him.  She's named him Felix for now.

We thought that you all could cross your paws for him, and that we can find his forever home!

p.s.  Mommee giggled when she went into SICSA, and a couple of patrons there said, "What a big dog!"  I said to them, "He'd be the smallest dog in our house!"  (he's about the same size as Gus--a little longer--but he's very fluffy.  Lab face, maybe Shepherd/Husky body and tail?)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


A lot of people have asked me how my boys like the snow. I think these pictures will help answer that question:

I love how Gus looks like Dug (from Pixar's "Up") in the 2nd one (point!). And I love the game of chase they always start around the tree in the backyard.

Also, if anyone is keeping track, this is our 200th POST!! WOW! We will do something special, but mommee's been sickie, so it will have to wait. Maybe we'll celebrate our 210th post. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Gus and Waldo's 2009

We got this idea from Honey, and thought it would be fun!  Enjoy this year-in-review video from Gus and Waldo, and may you have a brilliant 2010!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dog Shampoo

I'm always on the lookout for good dog shampoos.  Both Gus and Waldo tend to have dry, flaky skin.  Gus also gets hotspots.  So, I was excited when a friend of mine found this link, and I thought I'd share it with you!

Free Dog Shampoo sample!
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

DWB Card Exchange

Mommee took all of our cards to her school, where she put them up on a map for her students to see. They were always excited to come in each morning to see the new additions! This picture was taken on the last day of school before vacation, so a lot of the cards we got didn't get on here. We want to thank everyone for sending cards to us!