Sunday, February 28, 2010

Toby Wuz Heer

Toby wuz heer dis weekend. He had lotz ov fun terruryzing Waldo. He runz arownd da back yarrd, biting at Waldo's tayl. Wat iz he tinking? Waldo iz not a sheepie! He iz a verry small doggeh wif a verry small brayn, so we will furgiv him dis tyme. Tankfulee Waldo iz not a meen doggeh, and one tyme wen Toby bited Waldo'z tayl sooper hard, Waldo just runned back insyde to get away, and did not hurt da littul guy. Efurrywun beed okay. We miss arr little buddee sinss he went back home tooday.

We thout dat woo mite like dis pikture dat mommee tayks ov him:


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gus is Dug!

Have you seen the movie "Up"?  If you haven't, go and rent it today.  It is heartwarming, charming, and gorgeous.  One of my favorite characters in the movie is Dug, a dog that the 2 main characters stumble across. 

They soon discover that Dug has the ability to talk, because of a special collar that has been created for him.  Throughout the whole movie, all I could think of is Dug is Gus!  "I have just met you, and I love you!"

Here's the original scene:

Here is Gus' interpretation (you may have to turn the volume up):

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crazy Snows!

Wowwee!  We iz having sooo much fun in da snowz!  We lovez to dive arr heds in da snow, and den come up and rub aginst mommee and git her all snowee, too!  Mommee shur duz luv tayking piktures ov us in da snow!


Lots of deez iz taykn befur da BIG SNOWZ dat came throo!  Now Gus has to jump throo da snowz, and Waldo iz up to hiz neez!  OH!  Mommee jus findidz one:
Poor Gus!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The End of an Era

Waldo's year as Best In Show respresentative of Mango Minster is now over.  Congratulations to the new winner, Clive--a very worthy next Best In Show!

One of the last things that Waldo was blessed with as Best in Show winner was a gift from Pamela Fleming at The Magic Sleigh!  She made this beautiful ornament for Waldo--and how perfect it is!!  His colors and spots are impossible to find in any Great Dane ornament, so it is so great to get something made just like him!  And how cute--he's posed with a tennis ball!!  Check out Pam's website-- for info on how you can get your own hand sculptured ornament!