Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010


Tooday wuz a grrreat day!  We starrted owt wif sum swimmin...

We gotched da mommee and da daddee all WET!

Den we went on a walkee wif mommee and daddee arownd a parrk and fownd sum jeeo-kashiz:

And den, mommee and daddee let us hav sum AISS KREAM!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Mommee'z Fayvrit Parts (Part 2)

Sum uv woo may remembur arr post abowt da parrts abowt us dat mommee wuvs da most?  Well, she tuk sum more piktures reesentlee, and wanted to shayr sum MORE uv hur fayvrite parts!

Gus' eyebrows:

Waldo's wrinkled forehead:

Gus' funny whiskers:

And both of their feet (espeshully Waldo's diffrint colurd toenaylz):

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Open Letter to the EVC

Dear friends at EVC,

I just wanted to write you all to say thank you.  In November of 2008 my husband and I brought our Great Dane Waldo into the EVC on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.  When we came in, we really thought that you were going to tell us that there wasn't anything we could do.  We had been battling mange with him since August, and the mite had completely taken over his body.  When we came to see you, Waldo had almost no fur on his hind end or his snout at all.  To make matters worse, he had a large area of infected skin that was oozing blood and pus.  To say that I was distraught would have been an understatement.  We had taken him to our family vet just a couple of days earlier, and they brushed off his condition with medication, and no understanding.

When we came in, we were brought in right away, over many other pets that needed care, as well.  Dr. Czonka was patient and kind, and assured us that it was not the end for Waldo.  She gave us practical steps to take, and encouraged us that we WERE doing the right things.

I'm sure you get lots of stories where you help people by bringing their pets back to life in a dramatic way.  Ours is not that kind of a story.  In fact, I think Dr. C just told us to keep giving him baths, and gave us an ecollar.  But her kind demeanor, her understanding, her compassion for Waldo and for us were just what we needed at that time.  I am eternally grateful to the EVC for saving Waldo.  When he was given his final "all clear of mange" test from the vet that April, I knew I had you all to thank for it.  Thanks for all you do for pets in the area every day.  This is one Dog Mom who noticed.

Dog Mom to Waldo and Gus