Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waldo's Day Out

Waldo and mommee went to the Walk for Strays, a walk benefitting a local no-kill shelter in our area.  We have done this walk for the past 2 years, and always enjoy it.  This year, Waldo and Mommee walked alone.  Gus has been having some leg issues: if he walks too far, he gets a limp.  So mommee has been limiting his activities for now.

So Waldo and mommee had a Waldo's Day Out!  Lots of people at the park recognized Waldo.  Of course there were the normal comments of "Wow! What a big dog!"  That is, until we entered Waldo in the "Tallest Dog Contest".  Waldo didn't even place!!

The winner of the Tallest Dog contest was.....get this.....10 inches taller at the withers than Waldo.  10 INCHES!!

Waldo did win 3rd prize in the Longest Tail contest.  Go, Waldo!

Mommee didn't take her camera with her to the walk--something about it maybe raining.  So you will have to imagine the super huge doggies that were there!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hey there, Delilah...

Many of you know that mommee started her own photography business about 10 months ago.  It's been going really great!  (you can see her website here)

One of the specials that she did was in June...a Pet Special!  She got to take pictures of all kinds of doggies, and even a horsie!

One of the sessions she did was with a sweet girl named Delilah, a 15-year old lab.  Mommee particularly loved this picture she got of Delilah and her mommee Claire:

Claire wrote to mommee this morning and said that sweet Delilah crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  Mommee doesn't know how she'll be able to get through editing the rest of the session now!  So happy to know that Claire will have a sweet tribute to remember her by.  When you live over half your life with one doggie, they leave imprints on your soul.  We're keeping our paws on our hearts for Delilah's mommee today.

Love your doggies!!