Sunday, December 25, 2011

Great Commercial!

Waldo and Gus love this commercial.  Can you guess why?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grrrreat Gift Idea!

My cousin Shelly has started to make handmade felt ornaments that are personalized just for your dog!  I commissioned her to do Gus and Waldo's likenesses (as it is nearly impossible to find ornaments that resemble Gus and Waldo), and she did an AMAZING job!!

All you do is send her a "headshot" of your dog, and she makes an ornament to fit!

Here's what she came up with for my boys:

If you are interested in having Shelly do some ornaments for you (or a dog-lover if your family), just email me (allison at allisonlaura dot com) and I will get her info for you!  These make great gifts!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To the Beach!

Mommee loves to take us to the beach.  We go to a place called Summerland.  It is like, an hour from our house, but it is the only beach that is close to us that is off-leash.

On this day, Papa (mommee's daddee) came with us!  He was visiting from Ohio, and mommee thought that he would like to see us playing in the sea.

Hope you like the pictures of our day!

Gus and Waldo

Watch out, Waldo! The wave is coming!!

Mommee loves Summerland because they have a handy-dandy washing station.

After swimming, mommee and Papa ate lunch, while we sniffered around.

This picture is right before Waldo got major sickies.  When we plays fetch for a long time in the ocean, we swallow a lot of sea water, which hurts our tummies.  Waldo gets sickie easily.  Thankfully this time, it was outside, and not in the car (like last time!)

Summerland's view is so pretty.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Silly Waldo

Daddee took this picture of Waldo during Sunday afternoon football.  We love it when he catches Waldo's lip like this!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Nooz!!

It haz bin weerd in arr howse latelee.  Daddee haz bin wurking arownd da howse a lot, and den win he iz not wurking, he iz not at home.  Mommee haz bin putting a lot uv stuff in boxes (dat we HATE), and piling dem up in a room.  Da room yoozd to have a table and chayrs in it, but dey selld dem to somebuddy.

Wee keep heering deez straynge words, like "mooving" and "chayngez" and "Kaluhfornya".  We iz not shur wat dis meens, but we fink it is sooper big nooz.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Day!

Mommee iz a teechur.  Wen dere iz a lot of snowies, she getz to hav the day off, and dat iz arr fayvrit ting!!  We went owtside in da snowz and played!!  We WUV da snow!!

We gitz to da parrk and Waldo getz da zoomeez!!

 And Gus jest wuntz to eet da snowz.

 Arr fayvrit game iz to play tugz ov war wif da frizbee...

 Wee iz redee fur arr closeup!

Mommee finks arr frozin parrtz iz furry funnee!

We hope yoo liked arr snowee piktures!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Howlidays!

Yes, we haz bin gone fur a furry long time in bloggyland.  We haz missed reeding all yur bloggies and seeing yur adventurez.  We would blame mommee, but we reelee need hur uppozable tumbs to bee able to type fur us.  Plus, she has bin bizzy wif hur noo bizness.  She selubrated a yeer of taking piktures ov hoomans and doggehs and reely big animulz dat luks a lot like Waldo (we fink mommee sayd dey iz called horsez?).  Plus, she iz still teeching ittle bitty hoomans abowt how to reed and rite.  So she duz not haf lotz uv time fur riting fur us.

No worriez, dough.  Shee still givez us lotz and lotz of snuggle timez and treets and walkies.  In fact, we haz been doing extra fast walkiez deez dayz cuz mommee is dooing a long rayce called a marathon.  She getz mad at Waldo cuz dey run 5 milez togefur, and Waldo iz not even breefing hard at da end.

Heer arr sum piktures uv arr Cwissmas.  Mommee wuz soo happee dat Waldo stayed in da room wif us dis yeer.  He yoosally getz furry skared uv all da boxes and da crunchee papur.  But dis yeer he did not leev da room lik last yeer.  Maybee bekuz ov all ov da treetz.

Heer we iz, reelaxing at Grandmaw's howse.
Grandmaw's hubby iz alwayz giving us snuggle timez.

Heer iz mommee'z familee all togefur!  See how BIG Stella iz!  She ways more den Waldo now.

Great-Grandmaw luvs to give us treets and snugglez.

MMM...Smellz yummee, mommee!  Wat iz it?

Deez treetz have gud names fur us.  Cuz we iz good buddyz, too.

Hey Stella!  Yoo iz not a boy!  Yoo kannot hav arr treetz!  And stop slobbering on mommeez legz!