Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Howlidays!

Yes, we haz bin gone fur a furry long time in bloggyland.  We haz missed reeding all yur bloggies and seeing yur adventurez.  We would blame mommee, but we reelee need hur uppozable tumbs to bee able to type fur us.  Plus, she has bin bizzy wif hur noo bizness.  She selubrated a yeer of taking piktures ov hoomans and doggehs and reely big animulz dat luks a lot like Waldo (we fink mommee sayd dey iz called horsez?).  Plus, she iz still teeching ittle bitty hoomans abowt how to reed and rite.  So she duz not haf lotz uv time fur riting fur us.

No worriez, dough.  Shee still givez us lotz and lotz of snuggle timez and treets and walkies.  In fact, we haz been doing extra fast walkiez deez dayz cuz mommee is dooing a long rayce called a marathon.  She getz mad at Waldo cuz dey run 5 milez togefur, and Waldo iz not even breefing hard at da end.

Heer arr sum piktures uv arr Cwissmas.  Mommee wuz soo happee dat Waldo stayed in da room wif us dis yeer.  He yoosally getz furry skared uv all da boxes and da crunchee papur.  But dis yeer he did not leev da room lik last yeer.  Maybee bekuz ov all ov da treetz.

Heer we iz, reelaxing at Grandmaw's howse.
Grandmaw's hubby iz alwayz giving us snuggle timez.

Heer iz mommee'z familee all togefur!  See how BIG Stella iz!  She ways more den Waldo now.

Great-Grandmaw luvs to give us treets and snugglez.

MMM...Smellz yummee, mommee!  Wat iz it?

Deez treetz have gud names fur us.  Cuz we iz good buddyz, too.

Hey Stella!  Yoo iz not a boy!  Yoo kannot hav arr treetz!  And stop slobbering on mommeez legz!


Mango said...

Oh how wonderful to see you (and of course that Stella - wow). What beautiful photos your mom takes. I am hoping her business is doing well. Miss you guys, but understand about that thing called life.


Ludo van Doggy said...

I is so glad you had a good Crisp mas and thanks for the update. Your Mom be really good at taking piccures so it no wonder she too busy with it to do much blogging.
~lickies, Ludo

Shane Kent Louis said...

This is the picture of one Big Happy Family! :)

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