Friday, January 27, 2012

Gus and Waldo: My Movie Stars!

Gus and Waldo are movie stars!

Yes, you read that stars.  At Girls on the Run, I met a girl named Kelly, who is studying film at a local college.  One of her student projects is to produce a film--and when her group decided to do a dog-based story, she cast Gus and Waldo in the film!

Here are some pics from the filming they did today at our house.  I was shocked at how well Waldo did!  He was very nervous about all of the equipment and people.  But his part was to follow the treats--and he didn't need any coaching or encouragement about that!  He "sat" and "stayed" until they called Action, then I said, "go get it" like I usually do, and he followed the treats just like a seasoned veteran!  I was so proud of him.  Not only did he do it that one time, he did it several more times as the camera crew got different angles of the shot.  He had a couple of moments when he didn't "stay" through the whole shot, but it was mostly because the wind was crazy, and it would knock the light and make a loud noise, which would freak him out a little.  But he always listened to me, and did a great job!  A couple of the crew asked if he had done stuff on camera before--they were impressed at how well he did for the first time.

Gus had a small part--the actor brought him to the front door, and the owner of the house paid him for the dog.  Turns out, the owner of the house that they cast was me!  I was not expecting to be on camera, so hopefully not much of my face is in the shot--I had crazy hair because of all the wind!  But because I was in Gus' scenes, there aren't any pictures of his scenes.  He did such a good job, though!  He stayed right where he was supposed to.  The crew was actually surprised about this, because Gus had been kind of hyper around the set up to that point.  But when the camera started rolling, he acted just like a pro!

It was fun for me to be on the set, seeing what goes on, and the cameras and crew members as they did their work.

Gus liked getting lots of love from all the crew:

Getting the shot set up:

Here's Waldo, waiting for "Action":

"Go get it!"

This is Kelly, and Waldo was enjoying the rub-down:

Here he is again, shooting another angle:

This is what he was acting in front of.  For a dog that tends to be skittish, he did a really great job!  Again, I was so proud of him!

Gus getting some lovin' from the director, Erika.

Thanks for the opportunity, Kelly!

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