Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Movie Fun!

Our friends Rhett and Link (who we think are HEE-larious) asked us to be in one of their YouTube videos! We is getting to become such famous doggies!

We think Rhett and Link is so very brave. Not only did they have two crazy cracker dogs like us, but they also had 7 kids in their video!! Everything went so smoothly. Waldo kept himself entertained during the breaks by eating the hazelnuts that were covering the ground, and getting loved on by the little kids. Gus, of course, wanted to be petted the whole time, and wouldn't sit down and relax.  But when it came time to shoot, we did grrreat!

Here is the video:

Want to know a behind-the-scenes secret from each dog?
* Gus sat so still and perfect because he was balancing a treat on the end of his nose!
* Waldo went off-script--he wasn't supposed to chase the caveman at the end, but he was so alarmed  by the caveman on the first take that he chased him off-screen. Thankfully, they loved it and had him do it each time after that!