Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Has A Noo Seestur!

We are so sorry we haven't been blogging. We have been very busy this summer. See, mommy had a little bald puppy on April 11th, and we haven't been getting much sleep since. We are busy watching over her and keeping her safe. Her name is Avonlea, and we think she smells dee-licious!!

We have been very good big brothers to her. We are on good behavior, even when we don't get as many walks as we used to get.  Sometimes mommy has to remind us not to talk too loud when the baby is sleeping, and we isn't allowed to play bitey-face when the bald puppy is on the floor with us. 

When we isn't being guard dogs, we gets to play in the pool!  Well, Gus does. Waldo just runs around and around and around the outside of the pool, whining. Doesn't he know it is much nicer IN the water??

We hope all of woo is doing great!