Friday, May 9, 2014

Gus Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

On Saturday morning, May 3rd, we said goodbye to Gus one last time.  The swelling in his leg had become unmanageable, he no longer played with Waldo, and finally he stopped eating. He told us it was time in his own way.

Daddy said it best on Facebook:
Gus was a special friend who had an all-access backstage pass to our lives. Except for but a few weeks, Gus has been with Allison and/or I everyday for the last 8 years. We could always count on him to be happy to see us, greeting us at the door with a toy even if we were gone for only an hour or two. He was also great at impressing others with his obedience and repertoire of tricks, something I took great pride in.

I always knew the day would come, but never imagined how difficult it would be saying goodbye one last time. Although it hasn't always been roses, bringing Gus into our lives was certainly one of the best adventures that Allison has brought me into.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and words of sympathy. Gus will be dearly missed.
The Sunday before his passing, I thought we should take Gus to the local park and take some pictures. We had no idea at that time that it would be his last time to the park with us. I am so thankful we took these photos, as they remind us of the sweet, playful, loyal friend he had always been.

We will miss you, beautiful boy.